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Would You Like to Discover the Best Examples of Applied Games for Health with the Best Teaching Team? Enrol in the First Course on Serious Games for Health at Harvard Medical School

The first course on Serious Games for Health by Harvard Medical School in Barcelona offers a first-rate teaching team. Some of the Professors are Yuri Quintana, Professor of Medicine at Harvard Medical School (Boston, USA) and Òscar Garcia Pañella, Academic Director at ENTI-UB (School of New Interactive Technologies) and Doctor, expert in entertainment technologies, Serious Games, Gamification and Creativity.

Professor and Doctor Quintana specializes in health information global systems, eHealth global applications, clinical informatics, health mobile systems, online learning systems and, finally, Serious Games for health and welfare. Likewise, Doctor Garcia Pañella—expert in gamification and ludification—conducted a thesis on applying Image Processing and Virtual Reality to Medicine, and more specifically to cardiac imaging (SPECT modality).

So, being taught by first-rate Professors, you will learn about global trends in health care, Serious Games for Health are their market, the design of this kind of games and their implementation and sustainability. Moreover, you will be presented with examples of the most important Serious Games and healthcare simulators. Case studies—whether they have proved successful or not—will be looked at as well. So you will have an in-depth knowledge on their strengths, evaluation methodology and result liability.

All in all, you will study examples of evaluations with patients, professionals in the health care and public sector. These case studies include games for the promotion of health, medication management, treatment of chronic pathologies, corporative welfare programmes and ludification, health care staff training, etc. Therefore, this course is mainly addressed to: doctors, nursing staff, health field directors, public health organizations, physiotherapists, sports science professionals and private sector innovators.

The fist course on Serious Games for Health by Harvard Medical School is getting closer: 25th-29th April in Barcelona. Do not hesitate any longer and apply by writing an email:, at this phone number: 93 323 36 64 or in person at: C/ Diputació, 231 (Barcelona). Limited Vacancies.

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