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Saps A Qui S’adreça El Primer Curs Sobre Serious Games For Health De La Harvard Medical Faculty Physicians

Which are the Goals of the First Course on Serious Games for Health at Harvard Medical Faculty Physicians?

The first course on Serious Games for Health by Harvard Medical Faculty Physicians presents these applied games from a theoretical and practical point of view. This course, which takes place in Barcelona, 25th-29th April, offers an in-depth review of the best tools applied to the health care sector. Therefore, it is basically addressed to professionals working in health care and sport sciences and also to those interested in new technologies.

So, if you work in health care or sport, this course will provide you with an exceptional perspective to realize that new technologies are not only the future, but the present in the exponential growth of the health care and sport sectors with the emerging ICT. Moreover, you will gain criteria on how this sector works—a sector that will infuse the health care professional field over the coming years. All in all, you will also be able to anticipate the technological change in this field.

Regarding professionals related to new technologies, this course will introduce them to the prospects of a sector in constant growth. There will also be an overall approach to the health care system, including the sports health sector. Basic and strategic knowledge related to this field will also be taught. Another important aspect is that you will be in touch with a qualified network of health care professionals.

Finally, it must be noted that everything is brought by the best teaching team, including Yuri Quintana, Professor at Harvard Medical School and Òscar Garcia Pañella, Academic Director at ENTI-UB (School of New Interactive Technologies). Furthermore, no expertise in the heath care field are required. This course aims at providing students with the relevant knowledge to shape their own criteria about the health care field as business and cooperationnot considering the technical operativeness of the sector.

If you are interested in the health care field, in general, and in new technologies, apply now by sending an email:, at this phone number: 93 323 36 64 or in person at: C/ Diputació, 231 (Barcelona). Limited Vacancies.

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