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What Skills Will You Get from the First Course on Serious Games for Health by the Harvard Medical School?

From 25th to 29th April, the first course on Serious Games for Health will be held by the Harvard Medical School in Barcelona. It is the first course on applied games for health to be offered in Spain. It is a one-week course for 50 people; and it is mainly addressed to professionals in health care, sports and new technologies. Throughout this course, you will discover the best examples of games and simulators for health. Their design will be analysed so as to achieve the best results in the patients’ health and to improve the staff training and promote education and adherence to treatment. But what skills will you get from this course?

Firstly, case studies on Serious Games for Health will be analysed. These games are related, to name a few, to diabetes, hypertension, nutrition or rehabilitation of injuries. Therefore, you will be provided with the relevant tools to extrapolate techniques and actions from gaming to different professional fields, such as health and sports.

Throughout this course, design methods for games will be studied. This course includes subjects such as: theories on health behaviour, game design, game psychology, user-centred design, game analysis, app design, etc. Implementation strategies will also be discussed. They include game design parameters, innovative approaches, incorporation to the public health system and to hospitals, agile management techniques, game jam format, transmedia storytelling, etc.). Finally, evaluation methods and systems integration and sustainability will also be discussed.

Therefore, during this first course, you will have the opportunity to learn, discuss, design and discover the impact that new technologies have on the health care field. Moreover, Serious Games for Health are also an opportunity for users to increase the users’ motivation and attention. As a result of education or training, their behaviour will turn into a positive and self-motivated one. This kind of applied games provides education, entertainment and, all in all, they help offer better health care services.

Do not hesitate and please apply by writing an email:, at this phone number: 93 323 36 64 or in person at: C/ Diputació, 231 (Barcelona). Limited Vacancies.

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