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Quins Continguts S’aborden Al Primer Curs Sobre Serious Games For Health De La Harvard Medical Faculty Physicians. Inscriu Te

What are the Contents of the First Course on Serious Games for Health at Harvard Medical Faculty Physicians? Apply now!

25th-29th April, the first course on Serious Games for Health will be held at the Harvard Medical School in Barcelona. This course is unique, since it is the first one that focuses on games applied to health and that is offered in Spain. Mainly, these contents will be introduced:

  • Global trends in health care. Global health care models, chronic pathologies, patients’ safety, costs and the changing demography of the patients will be introduced. The challenges in health care, education and implication of patients, problems when using technology and potential opportunities towards innovation will also be included in the syllabus.
  • Definition of Serious Games for Health and their market. The main examples of Serious Games, used in educating patients, training health care staff, etc. will also be taught. Regarding the market, its current scope and future projects on Serious Games for Health will be analysed.
  • Designing Serious Games. The main principles and the cognitive theories of perception will be analysed. Models of cognitive behaviour and how they are related to game design for health will be introduced. Methodologies for design thinking and their application to game design will also be presented.
  • Implementation and sustainability. The challenges of implementing and determining the reach of Serious Games for Health will be introduced. In this regard, there will be an analysis of staff and user training, proper data storage, lack of efficiency of case histories, security systems, patient confidentiality and gains in relation to investment.

If you are a professional in health care, physiotherapy or sports science and you would like to know everything about the state-of-the-art technology, applied to health, apply for the first course on Serious Games for Health at the Harvard Medical School by sending an email at:, at this phone number: 93 323 36 64 or in person at: C/ Diputació, 231 (Barcelona). Limited Vacancies.

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