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The Main Benefits of Using ICT in the Health Care Field

New ICT, applied games such as the Serious Games or the wearables offer a number of possibilities when improving the efficiency of the health care sector. The advantages of these new technologies can be summarized in the following main areas:

  • Increasing quality in the patient assistance. One of the most important flaws of this sector is the fragmentation of the health care and the difficulties for efficiently transmitting the information. ICT can help improve patient safety through the direct access to the medical case story, checking the treatments online, keeping track of the patients’ progress and anticipating possible medical errors. In general terms, they are regarded as generally positive tools among professionals and users. Since they provide a way to increase the patient safety, their use is being promoted in many countries.
  • Cutting down the medical spending. Using ICT and Serious Games for Health help reduce these costs by reducing the time required to process data and manage paperwork. The system for image transmission and storage is essential to promote the development of the electronic medical case story and telemedicine since it speeds up the tests and the gathering of results.
  • Reducing administrative cost. Invoicing brings about many possibilities of saving due to the use of ICT and the new remote devices. Although the evidence of these data, electronic invoicing is not widely used in most of the countries yet.
  • Possibility to carry on brand new health models. ICT have been defined as technology with a high transformative potential, since it introduces new ways to carry out medicine and develop health care. They are definitely essential to renew primary health care since they contribute to a personalized following of chronic diseases; they improve the access to health care in rural populations; and they contribute to the optimizing data measuring and supervision.

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