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El Professorat De La Primera Escola D’estiu En SGH I SGS De La Harvard Medical School

The excellent teaching staff of the first summer school devoted to Serious Games for Health and Sport from Harvard Medical School

During the first summer school devoted to Serious Games for Health and Sport from the Harvard Medical School, ENTI-UB and EUSES, you will receive instruction from a top level teaching staff made up of Yuri Quintana, a lecturer in medicine at the Harvard Medical School (Boston, United States), Oscar Garcia Pañella, academic director of the School of New Interactive Technologies (Escola de Noves Tecnologies Interactives – ENTI-UB) and a PhD with expertise in topics such as entertainment technologies,  Serious Games, gamification and creativity; Dani Romero, with a PhD in Sciences of Physical Activity and Sport and founding partner, CEO and physical trainer at the ReSport Clinic sports medicine centre in Barcelona; Adrian Martin, studying for a PhD in Sciences of Physical Activity and Sport, with a wide professional experience as a technician in the Catalan Sports Observatory and a member of the Board of Directors of the Spanish Association of Social Research Applied to Sport (Associació Espanyola d’Investigació Social Aplicada a l’Esport – AEISAD) and Mariano Gacto, with a PhD in  Quality of Care Management in Health Services. He has also worked as a career civil servant in the French health system as a physiotherapist and as General coordinator of rehabilitation in the Hospital de Castelnaudary and Raúl Peláez, Barcelona Football Club data analysis expert since 2010, and collaborator with institutions such as FIFA or the Comitè Olímpic dels EEUU.

As for Dr Quintana, it should be noted that he has specialised in global health information systems, global e-health applications, clinical IT, mobile health systems, online learning systems, and lastly, in Serious Games applied to health and well-being. For his part, DrGarcia Pañella, who is an expert in gamification and ludification, devoted his PhD thesis to the application of Image Processing and Virtual Reality techniques in Medicine, specifically in medical cardiac imaging (SPECT mode).

With regard to Dr Romero, it should be noted that he is a professional in the field of sports, specialising in physical preparation, sports re-adaptation, sports performance and injury prevention. Of special note is his work as a physical trainer for several professional athletes, particularly football and tennis (Carla Suarez, Adam Raga, Svetlana Kuznetsova and Roberto Dueñas, among others). He also acts as an advisor for physical preparation in football (Pachuca CF) and is Director of Sports Sciences at the Academia Sánchez-Casal.

Another expert in sport is Adrià Martin, who will bring to the course on Serious Games for Sport his experience in assessing sports policies, sociology, sports management and performance indicators in management. Also noteworthy in this same field are Mariano Gacto, a real specialist in healthcare quality management, public health, applied psychometrics and hospital safety indicators, with a PhD with honours from the Faculty of Medicine (University of Murcia), and Raúl Peláez, who, in addition to his experience in Barcelona Football Club, has also been a coach for other teams and has an extensive network of professional contacts in the world of sport, from all five continents. He has also participated in a large number of the organisation’s projects, including the COR, as a data integration platform, the Department of Sports Sciences, the Sports Technology Symposium or the Barça Innovation Hub. He collaborates with institutions such as FIFA or the U.S. Olympic Committee.

Thus, with the help of teaching staff who are experts and linked professionally to games applied to health and sport, you will learn about the global trends in health care, i.e. what Serious Games for Health and for Sports are, what their respective markets are; the design of these types of games, as well as their implementation and sustainability. In addition, you will learn about the best examples and simulators for both types of pieces. The practical cases that have had greater or lesser success will be analysed. You will thus gain detailed knowledge of their strengths, the methodology for evaluating them and the reliability of the results.

In short, the three courses (two in health and one in sport) of the Harvard Medical School’s first summer school are addressed to a wide range of professionals: doctors, nurses, physiotherapists, chiropodists, social workers, psychologists, etc.; health care administration executives and heads of information management, entrepreneurs. And also sports professionals: Directors, heads of information management, sport managers and other members of the Sports Authority; government organisations devoted to sport, non-profit organisations and associations devoted to promoting physical activity and sports, among others.

This summer, train in the latest trends in games applied to health and sport, at the hands of a teaching staff with brilliant academic and professional careers in this area. Don’t delay any longer. Ensure your place now at: What are you waiting for? Enrol now!

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