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Serious Games for Health and Sport: the first summer school for applied games from the Harvard Medical School, ENTI-UB and EUSES

In the wake of the success of the first course on Serious Games for Health and Sport, the first summer school devoted to Serious Games for Health and Sport organised by the Harvard Medical School, ENTI-UB and EUSES, will take place in Barcelona from July 3rd to 7th. This is a holistic and specialised training, aimed at professionals in the fields of health, sport and new technologies. Once again, the course will be taught by: Dr Yuri Quintana, a specialist in issues of global health information systems, global e-health applications and clinical I.T., and Dr Oscar Garcia Pañella, an expert in entertainment technologies, Serious Games, Gamification, Ludification, Virtual Reality, Augmented reality and the author of a doctoral thesis on the application of Image Processing and Virtual Reality techniques in medicine, specifically in cardiac medical imaging (SPECT modality).

Serious games are proposals of a playful nature, designed with a main purpose that goes above and beyond that of pure entertainment. I.e. these serious games also become a tool that is educational, therapeutic or for scientific research. Its essence is to take advantage of this sensation of feeling rewarded in order to get the users involved and motivate them to achieve real goals. However, when it comes to creating a Serious Game there are four crucial stages: strategic planning, acquiring resources, programming and developing the prototype, and lastly, the sale of the applied game, i.e. its introduction into the market.

With the new summer training from the Harvard Medical School, ENTI-UB and EUSES you will have the opportunity to gain detailed knowledge on all these aspects, the impact of Serious Games on public health and primary care, to review the best examples and the measurable results, to learn the best strategies for their design, implementation and evaluation, etc. And this year, you will also be able to complement it with topics devoted to games applied to sport, aimed at raising awareness about the impact of SGS in all the strata of sport; both at the level of those practising it and those who design the good practices and perform the follow ups.

A training consisting of three courses on Serious Games applied to health and sport

This year you can choose between three training options, all of which are related and complementary:

  • Basic course on Serious Games for Health (SGH). This will be a two day course: from Monday July 3rd to Tuesday 4th. The course will offer an introduction to SGH, and students will work on the design of actual prototypes, following established protocols, and applying metrics of evaluation: measurement, KPIs and ROI, etc.
  • Advanced course on Serious Games for Health (SGH). This second course will take place from Thursday 6th to Friday 7th of July, with the aim of examining this field in greater depth. Attendees will be able to implement and evaluate SGH, learn about the evolution and the science of these games, and there will be group discussions, comparison of games and a subsequent scientific evaluation, among many other aspects.
  • Course on Serious Games for Sport (SGS). This course will take place on Wednesday July 5th Its main goal is to demonstrate the applied games that help achieve the best sports results, improving training and promoting education and the products related to this sector. This training will also offer a review of the best applications and implementations of the sector’s approaches to these systems in the field of sport and its industry.

The timetable for the three courses will be from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm.

By following this link, you can find further details about the three courses of the first summer school on applied games from the Harvard Medical School, ENTI-UB and EUSES.

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