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Serious Games applied to sport: the new training proposal from the first summer school for applied games organised by the Harvard Medical School

The first summer school devoted to Serious Games for Health and Sport from the Harvard Medical School, ENTI-UB and EUSES will take place in Barcelona from July 3rd to 7th. On this occasion, games applied to sport are the main training innovation. But what do they consist of? The logic is the same as in games applied to health. I.e. just like these, they are used to monitor a patient’s recovery, follow up with treatments, ensure greater patient adherence to treatments, and ultimately, improve health care. Serious Games for Sport (SGS) also become a useful tool for designing good sports practices, monitoring them, achieving better results, and optimising the training of professionals, among other aspects. In this way, these courses help to strengthen the link between health and sport.

Another important aspect to note is the excellent teaching staff for this school, made up of real experts in the field: Dr Yuri Quintana, a specialist in issues of global health information systems, global e-health applications and clinical I.T., and Dr Oscar Garcia Pañella, an expert in entertainment technologies, Serious Games, gamification, ludification, Virtual Reality, augmented reality and the author of a doctoral thesis on the application of image processing and Virtual Reality techniques in medicine, specifically in cardiac medical imaging (SPECT modality). 

In addition, this year three new top-level professionals will also be incorporated into the teaching team: Dani Romero, with a PhD in Sciences of Physical Activity and Sport, and founding partner, CEO and physical trainer at the ReSport Clinic sports medicine centre in Barcelona; Adrià Martin, a PhD candidate in Physical Activity and Sport, with a wide professional experience as a technician in the Catalan Sports Observatory and a member of the Board of Directors of the Spanish Association of Social Research Applied to Sport (Associació Espanyola d’Investigació Social Aplicada a l’Esport  – AEISAD), and Mariano Gacto, with a PhD in the Management of Quality of Care in Health Services.

In short, next July you have the opportunity to undergo a unique and specialised training: the Standard course on Serious Games for Health (SGH), from July 3rd to 4th, which will offer an introduction to SGH, and students will work on the design of actual prototypes, following established protocols, and applying metrics of evaluation: measurement, KPIs and ROI, etc.; the Course in Serious Games for Sport (SGS), on July 5th only, during which student will be offered a review of the best applications and implementations of the sector’s approaches to these systems in the field of sport and its industry, and lastly, the Advanced Course in Serious Games for Health (SGH), from July 6th to 7th, focusing on implementing and evaluating SGH, understanding the evolution and the science of these games, establishing game comparisons and the subsequent scientific evaluation, among many other aspects.

The potential of Serious Games is undeniable. In fact, this industry is valued at more than one billion dollars with hundreds of products and prototypes that have been designed by the academic and commercial sector.

Train in a sector with extensive prospects for growth and the future; book your place at the first summer school from the prestigious Harvard Medical School, ENTI-UB and EUSES.



The registration period is now open, and should you be interested, you simply have to send an e-mail message to

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