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Oscar García Pañella
Director of ENTI-UB

Yuri Quintana
Harvard Lecturer

Dani Romero
Lecturer at EUSES –UdG
Director of the Master’s Degree in Re-adaptation to physical activity and competitive sports at EUSES –UdG

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Òscar Garcia Pañella

Director of ENTI-UB

DATE OF BIRTH: 04/08/1973

La Salle (Ramón Llull) + USC (Univ.of Southern CA)+ UCI (Univ.California Irvine)+CMU (Carnegie Mellon Univ.)

Technical Telecommunications Engineering (URL)

Higher Electronic Engineering (URL, USC)

In Information Technology (URL, UCI)

In Entertainment Technology (CMU)

Ph.D. in Virtual Reality applied to Medicine:: “General Dynamic Surface Reconstruction: Application to the 3D Segmentation of the Left Ventricle”.
Recent papers referring to topics such as “augmenting knowledge through games and interaction”, “Gaining Soft Skills within a Technologies for the Virtuality Course”, “Soft Skills within a Project – Based Approach: A Multimedia Engineering Degree”, “Edutainment in the Multimedia Formation: Designing Professional Profiles” and “Gamification” among others.
He has led Gamification and Applied Games campaigns for companies such as Konic THTR, Coperfield, HP, Digital Legends Entertainment, Roland, Telefonica I+D, Infojobs, The Saint Jude Hospital, KPMG, AGBAR, SEAT, Vueling, Lander, Accenture, Simon, and Hay, among others.
Research projects such as id-Stress, Stream on Time, Drappen’s World, Rehabtimals, Meeco, Habitals, iKlubbers, ZOOXXI, among others, which are based on the conceptualisation and creation of the creative space “Media Dome” (2009).
Director of the first Degree in Video Games in Barcelona (ENTI-UB), as well as  participation in Spain’s first online Master’s Degree in Gamification and Transmedia Narrative (IEBS).
Teaching experience in various subjects: Game Design, Gamification, Interactive Design, Programming, Algebra, Virtual Reality, etc..
Participation in several European projects such as Gamewise, gameBIZ, H2R or JamToday.
A partner and consultant in Gamification in Cookie Box s.l.

Serious Games, Gamification, Videogames, Algebra and Mathematics, Programming, Virtual Reality, Enhanced Reality, Interactive Design, Consultancy, Themed Entertainment.

1999 - Epson Rosina Ribalta Award for the best pre-doctoral thesis project
2010 - Winners (Golden and Silver awards) at the Cure4Kids Global eHealth Challenge
2012 - International Board Member  of the TEA (Themed Entertainment Association, EMEA)

Yuri Quintana

Profesor de Harvard

DATE OF BIRTH: 07/04/64

Waterloo (Ontario, Canada).

1988 B.A.Sc. Degree in Electrical Engineering. University of Waterloo (Ontario, Canada).

1990 M.A.Sc. Engineering Systems Design. University of Waterloo (Ontario, Canada).

1995 Ph.D. Engineering Systems Design. University of Waterloo (Ontario, Canada).

2015-present day. Assistant Professor, Medicine, Harvard Medical School (Boston, USA).
Specialising in global healthcare information systems, global e-health applications, clinical IT, consumer healthcare IT, mobile healthcare systems, online learning systems and serious games for health and well-being.
2014-present day. Director for Global Health Informatics (Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center). Boston area (USA).
Developing innovative technologies which allow professional communities and consumers to collaborate worldwide. The creation of online practice communities, telemedicine networks, e-learning platforms, groupware, mobile healthcare apps, serious games for health, collaboration platforms for translational research, systems for adapting to emerging and local markets.
April 2002 – present day (13 years 6 months). Associate Professor, Health Information Science, University of Victoria. British Columbia (Canada).
Dr. Yuri Quintana has been collaborating with teachers and students of the University of Victoria for several years. Dr. Quintana takes part in the production of study programmes and syllabuses, provides tutoring for students - at both undergraduate and graduate level - and supports the development of new collaboration projects with external organisations, focusing on healthcare and learning.

Serious Games for Health, e-Health, Global Health, Mobile Health, e-learning, international operations, interactive systems, search engines, multimedia, artificial intelligence, information retrieval, internet systems, decision support systems, evidence-based medicine.

2013 Cure4Kids for Kids - Best App - Center for Digital Education Awards
2012 Gold Best Overall Internet Site at the 16th Annual Healthcare Internet Conference.
2012 Gold Davey Award - Best Education Website.

Dani Romero

Profesor de EUSES-UdG

Director del Máster en Readaptación a la actividad física y la competición deportiva en EUSES-UdG

Date of birth: 10/09/1969

Education (University)
Degree in Physical Education from INEFC of Barcelona (University of Barcelona)

PhD in Physical activity and Sports (University of Saragossa)

Areas of specialisation and experience
Preparación Física, Readaptación deportiva, Rendimiento deportivo, Prevención de lesiones.

Professional experience
Founding member and physical trainer in ReSport Clinic; physical trainer for various professional athletes at different stages, especially in football and tennis (Carla Suarez, Adam Raga, Svetlana Kuznetsova and Roberto Dueñas, among others); Physical training advisor in football (Pachuca CF); and, Director of Sports Sciences at the Acadèmia Sánchez-Casal.