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Have you heard about the programme of courses in Serious Games for Health and for Sport at the first summer school for applied games from the Harvard Medical School?

The first summer school devoted to Serious Games for Health and Sport from the Harvard Medical School, ENTI-UB and EUSES will take place from July 3rd to 7th; an innovative academic proposal focusing on implementing, designing and evaluating games applied to health and sports by means of three courses aimed at professionals in the fields of health, sport and new technologies.

In particular, there will be two courses on health (standard and advanced) and one on sport. You will therefore have the opportunity to learn about the impact of these applied games in detail, review the best examples and the measurable results, learn the best strategies for design and implementing them, etc. So what does the programme for these three courses consist of?

During the two sessions of the course on Serious Games for Health (standard), on the 3rd and 4th of July, there will be an introduction to games applied to health; working groups will be created; the preliminary aspects of game design will be examined; you will complete your first design challenge, and discuss and test real Serious Games, taking into account such things as market trends, the opinions of experts, etc. On the second day of the course, the 4th of July, you will study all the aspects related to these applied games in greater detail, such as: the protocol for designing these pieces; their implementation; the metrics of evaluation: KPIs and ROI; among other aspects.

July the 5th will be devoted to the course on games applied to sport. A single session will include an introduction to Serious Games for Sport (SGS), working groups will be set up, you will learn the basic protocols for designing this type of games, you will learn the basics for applying them in practice, you will analyse the results using the most appropriate metrics, you will prepare and deliver your presentation, etc.

Lastly, on July 6th and 7th, you will be able to participate in the Serious Games for Health (advanced) course; the best way to deepen and consolidate your knowledge in this field. On the first day, you will learn the state of the art in terms of SGH, you will carry out networking, you will define their reward systems, you will develop an advanced design and attend several demos from companies that are already consolidated.

On the second day of the training, on July 7th, you will focus on creation: prototyping, implementation and evaluating games applied to health, using advanced tools for analysing games such as: Cloud Architectures and frameworks. You will also prepare the definitive design (second challenge), learn how the scientific foundations of these pieces evolve, participate in group discussions where games will be compared and then evaluated scientifically, and the final conclusions drawn, etc.

In addition, once you have completed any of these courses, you will receive a diploma that will certify your academic achievement and experience in an area like applied games that is both on the rise and with extensive prospects for the future.

The timetable for the three courses will be from 9 am to 6 pm and they will be held in Barcelona (C/Diputación, 231).  If you are interested in attending, please sign up by sending an e-mail message to:

You can consult the programme for Serious Games for Health and Sport right now.

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