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Coneixes El Programa Del Primer Curs Sobre Serious Games For Health De La Harvard Medical School. Fes Ja La Teva Inscripció

Do You Know What the Degree Programme for the First Course on Serious Games for Health by Harvard Medical School Is Like? Apply Now!

The first course on Serious Games for Health by the Harvard Medical School in Barcelona offers a hands-on approach. From 25th to 29th April, you will have the opportunity to discover—through examples and case studies—everything related to gaming. This includes Serious Games for Health and their market scope, design and development methods (focused on Design Thinking), gamification—kinds of players and reward systems—, their clinical applications to promoting health, their incorporation into health care systems, their evaluation methods, etc. The learning will be through workshops and networking, which will introduce you to the application of these new technologies to health care.

Therefore, the main aim of this course is to introduce this kind of applications to the professionals in medicine, nursing, physiotherapy and sports science so they can progressively incorporate them into their everyday medical practice. In accordance with this aim, the professionals involved in sports science and health who are interested in new technologies are the target group of this course. These technologies are directly linked to Edutainment (Education + Entertainment). That is to say, to the learning based on games and the promotion of competences due to an increase in motivation among their users.

All in all, in this first course by the Harvard Medical School, these games will be presented as tools that go beyond mere entertainment. This is the reason for them to be used in the health care field. However, and as with any other kind of game, Serious Games have an attractive design and they also help overcome certain challenges regarding the patients’ behaviour. To name a few, solving issues regarding treatment adherence by patients or a correct administration of medicine.

Finally, it must be noted that the first course on Serious Games for Health by the Harvard Medical School is a unique training, the first one to be offered in Spain that focuses on applied games for health. Do not hesitate any longer and apply by writing an email:, at this phone number: 93 323 36 64 or in person at: C/ Diputació, 231 (Barcelona). Limited Vacancies.

Click on this link to see the programme for this course.

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